Friday, May 2, 2008

You may be asking yourself why I have a picture of an amazing sunset instead of me on my profile. The answer is simple. I looked through ALL of the photos on my computer and guess what?? I took 95% of them. The other 5% were taken by my 2 sweet girls, who did not need to take a picture of their mom. I have only myself to blame. It was actually a strategic move of mine. If I was behind the camera, no one would see me....or how much weight I had gained in the last few years. Yes, I actually think about that when people pull out cameras, or I want to pull out a camera. I am always the happy picture taker. Unfortunately, that leaves you with a picture of a sunset from our back deck. It is amazing isn't it? I do promise to post a picture of myself as soon as I can. I think there is a picture of me in Hawaii last week. Unfortunately, we have the worst luck with computers and getting them to do what we want. Somehow, when our exchange student was here in August, we lost the ability to download pictures onto our computer when she added her camera to our computer. We now go to my parents and e-mail the pictures to ourselves. Crazy huh?

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